What's the big deal?

What's the big deal?

These are weird times we are living in, AM-I-RIGHT?!

Did not think I would be delving into politics on my website, but this is a lifestyle blog. This IS my life. There is more to my life than shoes. I would be remiss in not addressing it.

I was a political science major. I am a Poli-Sci Nerd. You won’t catch me watching The Bachelor (nothing wrong with The Bachelor before you people come at me with pitchforks drawn) or other common reality shows people my age like to watch, but you will find be watching some PBS documentary on the 1960s political climate. That’s me. I love history and I love politics.

For those people my age who say “I don’t care about politics.” I can’t handle you. This is our America. We are going to be living with many consequences for decades to come. What if Civil Rights leaders (many were young and of many different colors) said they just didn’t care about changing the nation for the better? I am going to need to you put down Twitter and become informed about the issues. Being politically aware is one of the most patriotic and American things a person can do.

Honest to goodness, I would rather you disagree with me wholeheartedly by coming to conclusions based on FACTS than be throwing out your two cents without considering a variety of sources and viewpoints. My boyfriend, Zack, makes fun of me all the time because I always say, “Facts are facts.” I am a very black and white person. To me it’s right or it’s wrong. It is either a FACT or not.

So yes, I have accepted that Donald will be president, but that does not change the fact that I am very concerned for my generation. ONE MORE TIME: I have accepted Donald will be president, but that does not change the fact that everyone he is appointing to his cabinet is scarier than the last.

Anyone who knows the actual FACTS of history will understand why many people are concerned right now. Hate crimes (citing Pro-Trump statements) since the election have increased at a staggering rate. I, personally, know of people who have experienced harassment.

Many Trump Supporters are wondering why people are halting relationships with them over “politics.” Here’s the thing, guys: this is not about “politics.” Donald Trump and his supporters literally railed against everything I am. You literally had people with 10th grade education sitting there screaming that Mexicans are the reason they don’t have a job. It’s just gross and void of facts.

I am a triple threat to Donald’s insults:

1.)  Educated

2.)  Woman

3.)  African American

If you have never been one of these things, let alone all three, you do not get to tell me how  I should feel. The day you walk a mile in my shoes, we can chat.

So no, I do not want you in my life if xenophobia, racism, making fun of people with disabilities and veterans, etc is not a deal breaker. That just does not work for me. We don’t have the same moral compass and AT BEST you are apathetic to my rights, the rights of others, and humanity. My life is a place where all are welcome, but hate/prejudice is not. 

Nov. 8, 2016:

Sexual Assault was validated

Racism was given the green light (HIS CABINET REFLECTS THIS)

Ignorance was OK-ed

Lack of Qualification was celebrated

I could go on, but I don’t want to be sitting here until I am 40.

So for many of us, it’s not that we are so hardcore Hillary, it’s that we are hardcore against everything that was demonstrated and continues to be demonstrated by Donald.

I am an Independent. I do not care that a Republican won. I care that HE won. Jeff Sessions (deemed too racist to be a federal Judge) and Steve Bannon (YOU ALREADY KNOW…) are not easing my fears. Also, why are we being politically correct about the “alt-right?” A white supremacist is a white supremacist. You don’t get a safe space now.  :)  

But honestly, I am here to thank you, Donald. You lit a fire in me that will never go away. You reminded me how precious my rights are and how so many people died and fought for me in the Civil Rights era. You inspired me to reach out to people of different faiths and gay people and show them how much I value them. You caused me to write to a local mosque that was just a victim of a hate crime and tell them I am praying for them and I understand the basic FACT that they are not all to be painted with a broad brush. You caused me to show everyday that I will love all people.

Thanks, Donald… for reminding me I’m not you.

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