We Came to SLAY the Patriarchy

We Came to SLAY the Patriarchy

Billy O'Reilly made headlines, yet again, for sexist and racist remarks. What else is new? His latest target is U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters. I don't want his nasty, racist face on my blog so you can google for footage of the incident. You will never see a photo of Donald on my website either.

Allow me to break down the racist and sexist historical context of Bill O'Reilly's comments towards Maxine Waters.

RACIST: Black women have long been ostracized for their hairstyles and textures being different from their caucasian counterparts. The key word being "different." Some black women wear extensions, some black women wear their hair "natural," some black women wear wigs. NEWSFLASH: Some white women do all of this as well. But if you're two thousand years old like Bill O'Reilly, you don't know anything about beauty, fashion, and/or salon practices. Many of my white friends that I consider glamorous have worn/do wear hair that didn't come out of their head (don't even get me started on celebrities because the majority do). So, as is typical with Bill's old racist self, he attacks this woman for her hair (even though, he himself has 5 hairs).

SEXIST: Much shorter explanation on that one. Men like Bill and Donald always think the best thing a woman has going for her is sex appeal and appearance. To them, hitting a woman in the jugular is to go after their appearance. When you have much more to offer than that, you couldn't care less. Boy, BYE.

THE PLATFORM: Fox "News" has been and will always be a platform that peddles racist and sexist propaganda at every turn. This is nothing new for this cable channel. The average Fox "News" viewer is 68 years old. Their demographic is old people who see no reason for a more inclusive America. These are the people who want to Make America "Great" Again... but what does the word "great" mean?

"Great" is not old white men having the ability to say or do whatever they want to you.

"Great" is not excluding people based on whatever criterion you've crafted in your head.

"Great" is not sexually assaulting women without consequence.

"Great" is not ruining the environment, willy-nilly, as if we have another planet Earth to fall back on.

"Great" is not letting education/facts go down the gutter.

...and "Great" is not blaming your problems on people who don't look like you.

My generation is not here for the Bill O'Reilly version of "great." Check the stats. Millennial women are largely strong, with high self-esteem. We don't need Donald or Bill to tell us to stay in the kitchen. We are the girlboss generation.

So next time somebody like Bill or Donald or ANYONE tries to rob a woman of their dignity, don't expect it to knock us down.

There was a time when Bill and Donald's version of "great" was just the way things were, but today is not that day. Mad Men is now just a TV show (a great one) and not our everyday reality.

Winter: Boy, Bye

Winter: Boy, Bye

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