Summer Cocktail Series: June is for Cherries and Champagne

Summer Cocktail Series: June is for Cherries and Champagne

Welcome to the first installment of my Summer Cocktail Series! On a monthly basis, I will share some of my favorite Summer Cocktails. Today, I have a quick and easy way to spice up my all time favorite beverage, champagne. Allow me to introduce you to... fruit infused champagne! 

So, fruit infused champagne is exactly what it sounds like: a crisp glass of champagne with berries inside. The marriage of the flavors is virtually perfect in every way. You may also switch things up seasonally, utilizing local berries. Try using strawberries, cherries, raspberries, blackberries, etc. Don’t be shy. Use different berries and see what you enjoy the most. I love them all!

I must confess, champagne is not a joke to me. It is something I take very seriously. My mom was a champagne girl and I’m just carrying on her legacy. When I see people ingesting (yes, as if it is poison) things like “Cooks,” “Korbel,” or “Andre"… I literally want to recoil in disgust. PEOPLE, THIS IS NOT REAL CHAMPAGNE. It is not meant to be a "value item" so don't buy cheap "champagne." I am very passionate about the subject... which is why I’m going to stop myself before I go down that rabbit hole. I will save that vigor and sass for a more general champagne post. However, I will still go over some champagne basics for today.

1.     How do I open my bubbly?

Okay, so this can get crazy. We aren’t all trying to look like we are in a rap video, spraying champagne everywhere. Be sure to keep the cage on. This helps control the cork so it doesn't catapult when it pops and have you going, “woah, woah, WOAHHH.” Then, hold the cage and cork together in one hand. Use the other hand to twist the base of the bottle in a circular motion. Make sure to twist away from the cork, slowly enticing it out.

2.     Where do I store my bubbly?

If you plan on drinking it immediately (3-4 days), you can store it in the fridge. But did you know if it sits there for weeks (unopened), the cork can dry out as there is no humidity in refrigerators? I learned this recently and had no idea! So, as a general rule of thumb, make sure it is stored in a cool place.

3.     How cold should my bubbly be?

Champagne should be served around 50 degrees-ish (give or take).

4.     How should I hold my bubby?

Hold it by the stem… HOLD IT BY THE STEM.

5.     When should I drink bubbly?

Anytime! Your life is a celebration. Do not limit champagne to special occasions, Lord knows I don’t. I drink champagne any chance I get. My dad and boyfriend can attest to this. I mean, the way I said that DID sound like I should be in rehab, but I just mean Champagne is my go-to drink.


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