Riddle Oil: Non-Toxic Natural Fragrances

Riddle Oil: Non-Toxic Natural Fragrances

Riddle Oil is a line of luxury fragrance oils, lotions, body oils, candles, and skincare. The entire line is non-toxic, cruelty-free, and vegan. Riddle Oil products are made in America, and the brand was originally established in Venice, CA. 

Today, we are going to talking about their unisex fragrance oils. They come in two sizes 8ML for $50 each (what I have) or Half Ounce for $80. Since these are oils as opposed to the traditional alcohol based fragrances, either size should last you a decent amount of time.

I had the pleasure of receiving all of the scents offered. Let me tell you, that was a blessing because I literally love ALLL of them. It's really great they are unisex because Zack really enjoys the "Ex" scent. They come as roller balls, so it's nice because you can keep them in your purse to refresh throughout the day. However, I do find that the scents have staying power. Thankfully, there is not a need for excessive reapplying. Annnnnd speaking of staying power, the box came with tips on how to make your fragrance most effective and last the longest. How helpful is that?

Oil Tips & Tricks

1. Make sure you moisturize 

2. Apply to pulse points (you can even put some in your hair)

3. Dab rather than rub

4. Store in a cool place, away from sunlight

Now, let's get into the scent profiles of all these amazing scents. First, let me just say, I have never smelled anything quite as amazing as these oils. It sounds completely melodramatic, but it's 100% true. Prior to trying for myself, I watched countless green beauty bloggers go on and on about how amazing Riddle Oil is. Now, I can say with complete certainty: they were not exaggerating.


"A clean, subtle amber oil with a light musky base note. The scent smells differently on everyone as is considered a pheromone scent."

How cool is that? If I really took time to rank them, this would definitely be one of my favorites. It's very unassuming, yet captivating at the same time. You would really have to smell it to understand.  â˜º


"The spicy cardamom and sandalwood are the most present notes in this scent. It is considered bold, crisp, and woodsy."

Woodsy is a great way to describe this one. It has hints of spice and reminds me of a nice cabin in the woods with the fireplace going.

 *Probaly just also described a scene straight out of a horror film, but whatver. 


"The amber, peach, and coconut notes lead this scent making a yummy and sweet fragrance that is hard not to love and find playfully exciting."

This one is another favorite. It smells so light and comforting. I think playfully exciting is the perfect way to describe this scent.


"Bright, fresh, and clean. Orange blossom and lemon combine to create an instant energy boost."

Imagine spring in a bottle. That's what comes to mind when I wear this. Poppy would be another favorite if I really forced myself to choose.


"Seductive and sophisticated, this scent has deep rose and leather notes. A truly classic and refined scent."

This one is the most masculine. As I mentioned, Zack loved this one the most. I love the way this one smells too, but definitely far more masculine than the others.

If you click on the bolded product names, you will be redirected to the Riddle Oil website for purchase. 

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