Keeping Your Hair Hydrated in Winter

Keeping Your Hair Hydrated in Winter

Winter is officially upon us! You can bust out the fur, the boots, and that gorgeous coat you bought during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last Summer. Winter is truly my favorite season for a multitude of reasons, but the top 2 would be:

  1. I’m a February baby :) My birthday is February 5th and we always celebrate all month long. I can truly say that nothing makes me happier than my birthday. I love celebrating another trip around the sun and celebrating that I’ve made it another year. The alternative is death so I think we should all celebrate and show gratitude that we still have breath in our lungs.

  2. THE FASHIONNNN. Oh my goodness. Winter fashion gives me life, I swear. I don’t believe there is a such thing as too many faux fur articles of clothing. It’s so luxe and “extra.” It’s soooo ME. Not only is fur the best, but we get to wear all of these chic jackets/coats and boots. I really do believe boots and jackets elevate any outfit and I love living it up all winter long.

With so many great things about winter, I must say, there is one huge problem I have with winter. No, it’s not the weather. I was born and raised in Southern California. We don’t have “real” cold. My issue with winter is how freaking dry it leaves your hair, skin, and nails. Winter can’t be serious with all that making you ashy nonsense. Who has ever enjoyed having the outer creases of their lips be chapped and cracked? Just NOOO.

Today, I want to show you guys how to keep your hair hydrated during winter. Now, there are a few simple and basic ways to help your hair stay hydrated and in case you aren’t aware of these tips, I’ll list them below:

  1. Keep Up With Your Trims- This is something you should be doing ALL of the time, but it’s particularly crucial in the winter. Dry hair ends up becoming brittle, thus making it likely to break off. Staying up to date with your trims will let the ends stay clean and healthy. This will also allow your hair to continue to grow.

  2. Cut Back On The Heat Styling- This one is so much easier said than done, but I would like to share what works for me. When I wear my hair wavy, it’s curled right after washing. Then, I twist it at night. I part my hair down the middle, create two giant twists, and pin it to my head. This allows me to wake up with wavy hair and have a different look as the curl pattern changes as we get further away from the original curling. This gives me heat-free curls and nice beach waves.

  3. Use Weekly Hair Masks- My stylist uses this lavender mask on me and it makes my hair feel like heavennnn. She uses this on me all the time and not just when it’s winter, but it’s definitely all the more crucial during these winter months. Ask your stylist about a mask that’s right for your hair needs.

  4. DRINK WATER- Water is the answer to all of our problems in life, I keep trying to tell people…

Those are all general tips you can do at home, but I want to talk to you guys about a conditioning treatment that I have fallen in love with. It’s the “b3 Demi Permanent Conditioner Kit” by Brazilian Blowout. This treatment can only be performed by a professional so you would need to ask your stylist about it. The kit is described as:

“Experience intensive repair and conditioning benefits for up to 12 washes! b3 Demi Permanent conditioner is an innovative professional salon service specifically formulated for use with b3 Brazilian Bond Builder to provide intensive repair and long-lasting conditioning for extremely damaged and chemically treated hair. This technological advancement reconstructs and strengthens weakened and compromised fibers from within while helping to resurface and seal the cuticle to prevent moisture loss and protect against heat and mechanical styling as well as future damage. The end result is noticeably strong, soft and remarkably healthier looking hair and dramatically less time spent blow-dry styling.”

After your hair has been thoroughly washed, your stylist will apply the product. Then, a shower cap will be put on your head as you sit under the dryer for 15-20 minutes. After that, you let it rest for 10 more minutes before rinsing it out.

IMG_2937-under the hair dryer.jpg

After that’s done, you go back to styling as usual. The result of this treatment is lusciously healthy and hydrated hair. The first time my stylist used this product on me, I was so enamored with the results that I kept asking when we could do it again. It says it lasts up to 12 washes, but I have not found that to be true for my hair. I would say maybe half that. Either way, I’m a huge fan.

IMG_2949-pink sweater dress.jpg
IMG_2941-pink sweater dress.jpg
IMG_2863-pink sweater dress.jpg

I hope this post has made you feel like you can face winter dryness with ease. Happy 2019, guys!



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