Christian Louboutin Iriza: A Stunning D'orsay Pump

Christian Louboutin Iriza: A Stunning D'orsay Pump

“A good pair of shoes can take you places.”

That’s what they say… and that’s what I believe. I’ve always been a shoe girl. Even when I was little, my eyes would immediately be drawn to people’s feet and would make a plethora of assumptions about them based on their shoes alone. Right or wrong, it’s how I’ve always been. Taking pride in one’s appearance is something money really can’t buy. Your shoes can be $8 or $800, but you have the power to treat your belongings with respect and take great care of them.

All that being said, I believe in investing in classic styles of shoes. Unless you “got it like that,” you really don’t want to waste your money on styles that are here today, gone tomorrow. When it comes to designer items, you want to invest in items that will stand the test of time both in quality and style. Hence, my love of nice pumps.

For me, any designer purchase has to be extensively researched. I will watch youtube videos, read reviews, and so much more before I can commit to investing. I believe in designer shoes you can actually wear and use often.

If you can’t walk in them or you walk like a baby deer, what is the point?

A.) You look ABSURDDDDD.

B.) Your cost per wear will be so high.

What good is an investment if you get no use out of them? So, I want to start giving you guys more reviews on shoes and different purchases in order to hopefully allow you to make more informed buys. I also want you guys to know that not every shoe is made for every type of foot. I have very narrow feet. Louboutins fit me like a glove. Christian Louboutin has stated that he makes his shoes for people with narrow feet. So many people think his shoes are are so uncomfortable. Sure, some are just works of art for display, not to be worn. However, his shoes are not flattering on everyone and there are so many shoes that would look much better on a wider foot. It’s not cute when people’s feet are spilling out or look like stubby little things shoved in there. I’m not saying his shoes feel like slippers on me, but they do fit properly and I can wear them for hours on end with ease.

Today, I want to give you guys a review of the Christian Louboutin Iriza Pump.

Black Louboutin Iriza01.jpg

The Iriza Pump is one of the “Icons” as Mr. Louboutin calls them.

Color : Black
Material : Patent Leather
Heel height : 100mm
Collection : Classic

“An iconic model, the Iriza pump combines elegance with timelessness. Made in black patent leather, it is mounted on a stiletto of 100mm. Its low-cut upper and open sides unveils the foot with finesse and suggestiveness and reveals at each step the signature of the Louboutin House.”

I chose patent black leather because it’s gorgeous and also wears very well. I like patent leather in nice shoes because I feel like they look nicer longer. They are more durable and if you scuff them, you can’t really tell. I wear a 38 in this style.

IMPORTANT: A lot of people have the misconception that you should just size up. DO NOT just blindly size up. Every style is different. I take a 38 in some styles and a 38.5 in others. They are SUPPOSED to fit snugly. The leather stretches over time. If you size up without needing to, they will end up being saggy later on. I’ve seen this on so many women and it looks ridiculous. This information is not “Victoria’s opinion.” This is from the experts at the Louboutin store in South Coast Plaza (including a manager). I like to go to the experts and have them guide me. I am lucky to live in Southern California and we have many designer stores here. I like to take advantage of their knowledge.

IMG_4469-black louboutin iriza .jpg
IMG_4475-black louboutin iriza.jpg

This style is very feminine, chic, and flattering… just my style! In my opinion, the cut-out gives it that extra level of comfort. Now, these are 4 inch heels with no platform, so don’t expect it to be a cake walk. However, if you are like me and you are used to and enjoy the elegance heels give you, you will be used to it.

I would recommend these to those with narrow feet. It will accentuate delicate ankles and will be especially beautiful on those with long legs.

I would not recommend these to those with wider feet because your feet may have an undesirable level of spillage of the sides.

black louboutin iriza 02.jpg

I hope this review has provided you with helpful insight. I’m so grateful to all the people out there who have made the reviews I’ve read and watched. I hope we can all help one another not waste money and always look our best in the highest quality/most flattering items.

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