DIY Scarf Top: My 3 Favorite Ways

DIY Scarf Top: My 3 Favorite Ways

So, today’s looks are completely inspired by my girl, Christy, from She posted a photo featuring the red scarf you'll learn about today. She was wearing the scarf as a crop top and my creative juices started flowing. When I started searching online for similar outfit ideas, I came across two issues:

1.) TOO EXTRA. I came across so many options that had too many instructions or were at a level 100 on the impracticality scale. I don’t know about you, but I am not going to follow some super long and intricate directions to construct a crop top. It’s just not going to happen. I will say “forget about it” two minutes into the process. When it comes to this style, effortless is the name of the game!

2.) UMMM... is this for my grandma or what? Whew, child... some of these looks online are just straight up HIDEOUS. Why are they wasting my time with this nonsense? It’s gonna be a “no” for me.

All that being said, I want to share 3 EASY and chic ways to style a scarf as a top.

black and red scarves .jpg

First of all, you need the right scarf. The pattern has to be cute/current and it needs to be a nice size. These types of prints are pretty timeless, but also on trend. I love how luxe these prints are. They give off total Versace vibes.

To be clear, when I say Versace vibes, I don’t mean someone will believe that it’s Versace/think you’re passing it off as Versace. However, I have always loved the general vibes of 90’s Versace.

red scraf bandeau way.jpg

Look 1

This is the style that started it all. Christy was wearing this scarf in this way and I was like, “mmhmm. yep, need it.” I don’t think I need to provide any explanation on how you recreate this because it’s pretty self-explanatory. You just tie it in the middle.

black scarf criss cross.jpg

Look 2

Admittedly, this one was a little bit more tricky. The key is to pull it across your chest as tight as you can and criss-cross it. If you don’t pull it SUPER tight, it will loosen up with time. If your scarf isn’t long enough, you can tuck the ends into your bra. Otherwise, simply tie it behind you.

TIP: Tuck any extra fabric into your bra to create more or less coverage.

black scarf tube top.jpg

Look 3

Okay, this look is easy peasy! This is a little more conservative in comparison to the others. So, this will definitely give you a lot more versatility. It’s also extremely elegant and effortless all at the same time. LOVE IT.

There you have it, three super easy and stylish scarf top looks. I hope this has inspired you to have some fun and start creating fun scarf looks.

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