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Classic Elegance: It's a Lifestyle

Please, please, please remember a woman has much more to offer than her looks... but there's nothing wrong with deeply caring about your outer appearance. As long as you have a kind heart and a plethora of knowledge in your brain, who cares if you take 500 selfies when you know you look good?

Your Closet and its Blissful Potential

Clothes have this uncanny ability to make you feel like the most confident woman in the room or the most inadequate. Do not equate your worth to the price of your clothes, but do give your style repertoire the TLC it deserves. For example, but for the exception of days you’re running late, do not go to work wearing “just anything.”

Sophisticated and Glamorous: Identifying Your Personal Style

I am a quality over quantity person. I have always had an affinity for nice things. I would prefer to save for things I have truly fallen in love with, as opposed to forcing something cheaper upon myself. I look into my closet and I see things that make me happy, that is my hope for everyone. Curate a wardrobe that is unique to you. Let your clothes speak for you... and let them say nice things.