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Thank you, Mom & Dad

My life has been filled with so much love, integrity, and courage. It gave me such a strong foundation.

Not everyone had parents like that. I think that may partly be why some people have no issue overlooking deplorable behavior.

Maybe your dad abused your mom, talked down to her, or objectified women reducing them to their appearances. My heart breaks for you if this is true.

Maybe your mom didn't know her worth so she modeled poor self-esteem in the home. Let her know she is enough. Maybe she wasn't ambitious and insulted women who were go-getters.

What's the big deal?

I am a triple threat to Donald’s insults:

1.)  Educated

2.)  Woman

3.)  African American

If you have never been one of these things, let alone all three, you do not get to tell me how  I should feel. The day you walk a mile in my shoes, we can chat.