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Self-Reliance: One of Life's Achilles' Heels

So, why is our first response rarely to surrender everything to Him? Sure, we may pray about what's eating at us, but if we still feel anxious, it means we haven't fully given control to God. I, of all people, know the struggle of relinquishing control. I don't why, but many of us anxiety sufferers have tricked ourselves into thinking worrying somehow gives us control over the situation. We are WRONG and we need to be reminded of this. 

Recharge: Inside & Out

Always remember: the devil is a LIE. He will have you believing the world is in irreparable disrepair. He will have you feeling powerless. Don't let all the bad events and news alerts overwhelm you. Stay healthy. Stay fit. Get out and enjoy nature, recharge your mind. Stay convicted, but not consumed. Be aware, but not obsessed.