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Go-To Style Items: Confidence and Black

Today, I want to talk to you guys about two style items I simply can't live without. These are both very special to me and I think they look great on all people so I wanted to share. Now, allow me to preface this by saying these two things can be seen on me most days... not every day, but most. 

A Leg to Stand On

Just like I examine people’s shoes, I examine people's personalities in a similar fashion... which is to say I investigate their foundation. When I first meet a person, I get to know their core values which are the foundation that informs their belief system.

Your Closet and its Blissful Potential

Clothes have this uncanny ability to make you feel like the most confident woman in the room or the most inadequate. Do not equate your worth to the price of your clothes, but do give your style repertoire the TLC it deserves. For example, but for the exception of days you’re running late, do not go to work wearing “just anything.”

Be Bright, Be YOU

I dare you to love yourself. I dare you to lift up other women and support them when you can. I dare you to fearlessly compliment others without ulterior motives. After all, someone else’s beauty does not detract from your own. I dare you to, unapologetically, be the best version of yourself. A world where all women are secure, that's the world I want to live in.