All in Faith

Self-Reliance: One of Life's Achilles' Heels

So, why is our first response rarely to surrender everything to Him? Sure, we may pray about what's eating at us, but if we still feel anxious, it means we haven't fully given control to God. I, of all people, know the struggle of relinquishing control. I don't why, but many of us anxiety sufferers have tricked ourselves into thinking worrying somehow gives us control over the situation. We are WRONG and we need to be reminded of this. 

Strong Women Wear Their Pain Like Stilettos

So, when we go through trials, we must see the beauty in it. Just like wearing those 6-inch stilettos, we push through the pain because we know the result is favorable. People think, we Christians are crazy for staying prayerful in the most horrendous of situations. Just as, non-heel wearing women think I am insane for trotting around in such high shoes. 

The Faith of a Mustard Seed

Why, as human beings, do we aim so low? The sky is truly the limit with Christ on our side. We see what He can do in our lives time and time again. Yet, many of us STILL set low goals and feel pleasantly surprised when God surpasses our every whim. As Christians, we know who He is, but many of us have trouble relinquishing that control and living worry-free.

Spring Cleaning

I want to encourage you to purge your life of any unnecessary negativity. Life is neither easy nor perfect, but why settle for anything less than living your best life? Whether it’s a romantic relationship, friendship, or unhealthy lifestyle… what are you waiting for? Why are you allowing anything or anyone to drag you down?